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Coronavirus: nurse blasts groups of 'selfish' people meeting in West Berkshire parks

'The more people ignore the guidelines, the more people will die'

Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper


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Coronavirus: What we know

AN intensive care nurse from West Berkshire who has lost three of her colleagues to the coronavirus has hit out at the “selfish” people who are choosing to ignore social distancing rules.

Rachel Birch, from Speen, has spent the last 10 weeks treating patients with Covid-19 and as a result hasn’t seen any of her family for months.

She said seeing groups of people flouting the rules has left her so angry she’s been reduced to tears and warned them that their actions have consequences.

Speaking to the Newbury Weekly News, she added: “Since the lockdown was eased, I’ve seen more and more people ignoring the social distancing rules around Newbury.

“Do those people understand the consequences of their actions?

“As a senior intensive care nurse in the NHS, I have spent the last 10 weeks looking after patients with Covid-19.

“This has involved considerable risk to myself, my colleagues and our families.

“Everyone was touched by the weekly Clap for Carers and appreciates the support from the country.

“But what is more important than clapping for the NHS is to follow the lockdown rules.

“I understand how difficult lockdown has been for everyone.

“I haven’t seen my family or friends for months and don’t know when it will be safe to see them again, due to my increased risk of contracting Covid.

“In the beginning, people seemed to follow the social distancing rules.

“However, since the rules were modified, allowing you to meet a single person outside, that seems to have stopped.

“Increasing numbers of people are ignoring the rules and meeting in groups outdoors.

“Walking through Speen Moors, the Kennet and Avon Canal and Northcroft Park, I have been brought to tears with anger at the groups of people socialising outdoors.

“I cannot believe that they all happen to live in the same house.

“This is not just rebellious teenagers – I have seen groups of all generations who ought to know better.

“People seem to think they are the exception to the rule.

“Meeting in groups to have a party outdoors is not even close to the guidelines.

“If you are one of these people, please understand the consequences of your actions.

“It is very simple – the more people that ignore the social distancing guidelines, the more people will die.

“More patients means more risk for NHS staff.

“I have already lost three colleagues due to Covid.

“Just because you see others ignoring the rules, this is not an excuse for your own selfish actions.

“I’m sure those same people would have been out on Thursday nights clapping for the NHS.

“Please don’t be a hypocrite – if you really care about the NHS keep following the lockdown rules.”

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Article comments

  • Minty


    01/06/2020 - 14:01

    Such astonishing irresponsibility shown by someone working for the NHS and yet seemingly totally ignoring illness & death from all other causes. The risk is passing the virus on to someone in a high-risk group: So if they're self-isolating, how will that happen exactly? The facts & figures no longer support the overzealous Govt. preventative strategy. Each and every death is tragic and yet COVID19 is now proven as no more lethal than any other virus: And not one of those resulted in such a wide-ranging & damaging lock-down. I'm frankly astounded how high some people's horses are and how smarmy they are about what they see as the right behaviour with not a shed of irony about their own selfishness. The Govt. and MSM are not the only source of information and if you can't discuss like an adult without resorting to insults, I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself. C'mon Newbury Weekly sNews, lets see some actual journalism for once?


    • Minty


      01/06/2020 - 14:08

      .. I meant 'shred' obviously, before some grammar Nazi tries to deflect from the spirit of my post


  • fuzzbox

    30/05/2020 - 10:01

    Rachel I could't agree more with your comments, me and my wife have been self isolating for nearly 3 months now and it makes us really angry when we see these stupid, thick, selfish no brain cell (it can't happen to me) idiots flouting the guidelines. let's hope they don't contribute to another outbreak. We would like to thank you so very very much and appreciate the fantastic work you and your colleagues are doing for us all.