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Newbury fledgeling's daring maiden flight has happy ending

'Little fellow' manages to return to his family

Geraldine Gardner

Geraldine Gardner


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 Newbury fledgeling's daring maiden flight has happy ending

We are all used to finding flyers or even parking tickets attached to the windscreens of our cars, but a Stroud Green resident was somewhat surprised to find what he thinks was a baby pigeon seemingly stuck on his windscreen.

Ricardo Moreira could tell the bird was in some distress, but didn't want to frighten it or do the wrong thing by trying to move it. He posted a picture of the bird on Facebook asking for any advice.

He was sure the nest was nearby so decided to leave it for a while and hope that nature would take its course.

He posted: "He looks like it was his first flight attempt! All I'm going do for now is leave him alone but with water! He doesn't seem to be injured so the best approach will be protect him for any cats, just leave some water and wait..."

Catching up with Mr Moreira later, he said: "The little fellow apparently was on his first flying lesson and after good zip of water and several other tries on the rooftop of my car, finally he was able to fly back to the tree and from there to his family!

"Not sure about the breed, some said a pigeon and others a dove. For me he will be always the 'little fellow'.

"Really happy ending! Today I left a water receptacle in front of my house because I've been looking around and it seems he has other siblings."

He added: "Please share my happy ending story! We really need stories like this for a change!"

The RSPCA recommend to do these things if you find a baby bird 

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