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Calf from Greenham Common is killed by a car on Burys Bank Road this morning

WARNING: Some people may find the images in this article distressing

Sarah Bosley


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Calf from Greenham Common is killed by a car on Burys Bank Road this morning

A calf has been put down at the roadside after it was hit by a car that failed to stop this morning.

The incident happened around 7am this morning on Burys Bank Road.

It is the second cow to be killed on Burys Bank Road this month. A third was killed in another hit and run incident on Hungerford Common at the beginning of September too.

The calf's owner and the RSPCA were at the scene this morning.

Posting a number of photographs of the dead calf, the Friends of Greenham Common Cattle Facebook page said: "This calf was hit on Bury's Bank Road, Greenham Common, this morning.

"The driver didn't stop and left the calf injured in the middle of the road. The calf has been put down now."

It continued that a number of pieces of the damaged car had been found and Thames Valley Police notified.

The incident has sparked further debate on social media surrounding the speed of drivers on the 30mph stretch of road.

Update at 11.15am

A post on the Friends of Greenham Common Cattle Facebook page has confirmed that the driver suspected of hitting the calf has been located.

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Article comments

  • Grumpy

    28/09/2020 - 09:33

    Fence off the common to stop them wandering into the road. Simple solution


    • Tractorman

      28/09/2020 - 10:04

      Problem with this is that the common is on both sides of Burys Bank Road. Also even if it was viable who would pay for the fence?


      • Grumpy

        28/09/2020 - 10:38

        Theres enough room on the base side of Burys bank road, surely, and it would stop them getting run over and keep them safe. I'm sure Greenham Common Trust would help with the cost of a fence. Its got to work out cheaper than keep losing calfs / cattle ??


  • Tractorman

    28/09/2020 - 09:24

    I use this road regularly, I drive at the signed speed limit (30mph) or below and am regularly overtaken by selfish ignorant tw*ts who think the limit does not apply to them! TVP must set some speed traps to catch these idiots. Hope the owner of the calf claims damages from this particular tw*t, surely also must be illegal to leave an animal suffering in such a manner?


  • berkshireboy71


    27/09/2020 - 11:13

    this is sad and also prevented (1) police speed check to be put in place.(2) the wildlife trust and wbc, should now start thinking about putting fencing up along the stretch of road to stop livestock going on to the road. the fencing does not have to be tall and should be at a height so that the livestock can not get onto the road. the owner of the cows on the common is allowed to keep his livestock on the common has he does not have anywhere to keep them.also along the fence a gate should be put in place so that the owner can take his cattle across the road to the other side and certain times of the day. all this could of been done ages ago. and the cattle would not be in danger of being killed by mindless selfish people who think it is ok to go over the national speed limit. along the that stretch of road. i hope the police catches the driver and press charges.