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When you can see Santa flying over West Berkshire this Christmas

The ISS – or Father Christmas' sleigh – is making early morning passes

Jonathan Ashby

Jonathan Ashby


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1 day more - when to see the International Space Station for the last time over UK skies before September

If you are lucky this Christmas you may be able to catch sight of Santa's sleigh and reindeer flying over West Berkshire – and here's how.

The International Space Station will be visible on certain days, in the early morning, over Christmas and it can easily look as if Santa Claus has come to visit.

The space station orbits the Earth many times every day and if conditions are right it is visible to the human eye.

Wednesday and Thursday (Christmas Eve) provide the perfect opportunity for parents to add to the excitement and wonder of the festive season as children can watch Santa doing a practice run for delivering presents.

Or, on Christmas Day morning your little ones can imagine that they have just witnessed the real deal.

It can be much harder to see the ISS during the day, but is the third brightest object in the sky at night and may look like a higher and faster plane.

Here are the full times and dates you need to know:

Wednesday, December 23 - 07.02am, an incredibly bright pass from the south west

Thursday, December 24 - 06.15am, a very bright pass from the west

Friday, December 25 - 07.03am, a very bright pass from west south west (if they wake you up really early you could also see 'Santa's sleigh' a couple of hours earlier at 5.30am)

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