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‘No public access’ signs to be taken down in Thatcham Place

‘No public access’ signs, which sat on public land in Thatcham, are to be taken down.

The signs, on green space at Thatcham Place housing development, read: “PRIVATE. No Public Access. Thatcham Place Residents Only.”

One of the signs that were erected on the green space
One of the signs that were erected on the green space

A letter from Thatcham Place Residents’ Association was distributed to residents earlier this year outlining the plans to erect three signs.

After they went up, one resident – who wished to remain anonymous – told Newburytoday that they objected to the “desire to keep the public off public land”.

The green space is used by children and dog walkers.

Thatcham Place green space
Thatcham Place green space

Another resident told Newburytoday – at the time – that they pay for the upkeep of the land, on which non-residents park their cars inconsiderately, walk their dogs, leave a mess and don’t clean up.

He said: “Rowdy youths damage the park and people leave their litter all over the place.

“They don’t bother cleaning up their dog’s mess.

“These are all the things we have to put up with.”

West Berkshire Council had told Newburytoday that the land remained open for public use but said it had no grounds to seek removal of the signs.

Since then the council has written to the residents association instructing the removal of the notices.

Trinity Estate – which erected the signs – will be removing them at no cost to the residents.

One resident said: “It’s good to see public land protected for public use, for growing local communities rather than shutting out children, families and dog walkers.”

However not everybody shared the same view.

The residents’ association, in response, said: “We cannot really understand what motive lay behind that action other than someone was anti the signs.

“This is extremely sad as all anyone is trying to do is make Thatcham Place a better place for everyone to reside in but someone obviously has a different view.”

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