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"I intend to get to Parliament and try and fix some of the terrible things that are hitting us”

NORTH West Hampshire Labour candidate Dr Liz Bell said she decided to stand for MP as she could no longer sit back and watch.

Mrs Bell – who lives in Great Shefford, West Berkshire – joined the Labour Party in 2016 and went door-knocking for the 2017 General Election, before being asked to stand as the Labour candidate for North West Hampshire.

“Since 2010 I’ve been watching this huge car crash unfold on so many fronts and I couldn’t sit back anymore,” the research, education and innovation consultant said. “I intend to get to Parliament and try and fix some of the terrible things that are hitting us.”

Of particular focus for Mrs Bell is the environmental crisis, and she said that the other parties weren’t doing enough to combat it.

“The big issue that’s coming at us like an express train is global environmental change.

“For the other parties except the Greens, it’s business as usual, with a few environmental tweaks.

“That isn’t going to save us – it really isn’t.

“Labour is proposing a radical plan for a green industrial revolution. It changes the way we provide energy for our homes so we can meet our global environmental change objectives.

“Not only that but it’s an economic plan that will generate jobs and prosperity for the majority of this people in this country.”

Mrs Bell is also a strong critic of the austerity policies over the past decade – and said it was vital that the Government invested in the economy.

“We’ve got a massive social housing crisis, we have a crisis in the NHS, record numbers of homeless people – there’s a crisis in every public service.

“Councils have been cut to the bone – their funding models aren’t sustainable and then they can’t support their communities. Our plan is to reinvigorate the economy, to address the huge failures in public services and help desperate and vulnerable people.”

Mrs Bell also backed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for a second referendum, and said she will back remain.

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