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October 6: Last chance to see International Space Station over the UK until November

Early evening pass as spacecraft bids farewell for a few weeks

International Space Station Image: NASA
International Space Station Image: NASA

Wrap up warm and get ready for the last pass by the International Space Station this evening, October 6.

The ISS will appear from the west at 7.21pm, disappearing into the Earth's shadow, south south east, at 7.26pm. Unlike an aircraft, the ISS has no flashing lights and seems to just glide across the sky.

The ISS is the largest space station/laboratory ever built and can be seen with the naked eye at certain times as it orbits Earth at 17,500mph at an altitude of roughly 200 miles. It serves as an orbital laboratory, factory, testing ground and home, with crew members conducting experiments from biology to astronomy.

Clouds permitting it should be a bright pass and if you manage to get a photo of the spacecraft as it passes overhead send it in to geraldine.gardner@newburynews.co.uk and we can create a cosmic gallery.

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