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How well do you know the 90s – take our quiz!

Five categories to test your 90s knowledge

How well do you know the 90s – take our quiz!

How well do you know your EastEnders' bad boys, boy and girl bands, Friends favourites and adverts with bellies? 

You can test your knowledge of the 1990s in our quiz.

There are five categories – Culture, Sport & Leisure, Showbiz, Music and News.


1 Who was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

2 eBay, Google, Amazon and Yahoo were all launched in the 90s, but which one came first? 

3 Which soap started on Channel 4 in 1995 and is still running today?

4 Opal Fruits changed their name to what in 1998?

5 What was the name of the handheld digital pet which was created in the 90s and started a worldwide craze?

6 Victoria and David Beckham were married in 1999, but what was Victoria's maiden name (and it's not Posh)?

7 What colour was Mr Blobby and what colour spots did he have?

8 Ask Jeeves launched in 1996, but what was it?

9 Fitness guru Mr Motivator rose to fame in the 90s on what breakfast TV show?


1 Where did the 1992 Summer Olympics take place?

2 What game console did Sony release in 1994?

3 Who knocked England out of the 1998 Fifa World Cup finals in France on penalties?

4 After his retirement, basketball legend Michael Jordan starred alongside Bugs Bunny in what hit 1996 film?

5 In which athletics event did Jonathan Edwards win an Olympic silver medal in 1996?

6 Dwayne Johnson made his debut in what was then known as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) during 1996. But what is his ring nickname?

7 Why was the 1997 Grand National run on a Monday?

8 Name either of the original two presenters of the TV show Gladiators.

9 Britain had two Formula 1 world champs in the 90s. Can you name both of them?


1 Which actress was married to tennis star Andre Agassi from 1997 to 1999?

2 Who hosted TFI Friday?

3 Luke Perry, Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty were the starts of which massive American teen TV drama.

4 What were the first names of the FBI characters ‘Mulder’ and ‘Scully’ in TV sci-fi show the X-Files?

5 What was the name of Ross's pet monkey in Friends?

6 The character of Susan Kennedy made her debut in which Australian soap during the 90s?

7 Which Blue Peter presenter was sacked in 1998?

8 The first book from the fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire was published in 1996, before forming the basis for which popular drama of the 2010s?

9 Prime Suspect was one of the most watched TV dramas of the 1990s. Who played the lead character, Jane Tennison?


1 In the UK the Spice Girls dominated the decade but which of the five was the oldest?

2 Who was being Ironic in 1996?

3 Which UK act won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 with Love Shine A Light?

4 Oasis were formed in which UK city?

5 Which band were uncovered as a hoax in 1990, when their manager was forced to admit that they had not sung any of their own songs?

6 Bryan Adams had the biggest No.1 of the decade with Everything I do (I Do It for You). Which hit film was the song from?

7 Who had a hit with Ice Ice Baby

8 Which smash hit featured these lyrics - A little bit of Mary all night long. A little bit of Jessica, here I am.

9 Which toy provided Aqua with her No.1 in 1997?


1 The first Harry Potter book was published in 1997. What was it called?

2 In which year did the Channel Tunnel open?

3 In which city did Princess Diana die in 1997?

4 What was the name of the first mammal to be successfully cloned? If you need a clue it was a sheep.

5 Which book by Danny Boyle was turned into a hit 1996 film?

6 What was the full name of Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Titanic?

7 Eleven countries begin to use what in 1999 for the first time?

8 What opened near Paris in 1992?

9 In EastEnders the Mitchell brothers arrived in Albert Square in 1990. Do you know their first names?

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