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Spiders, snakes, hedgehogs and deer - wildlife in Cold Ash garden caught on video

Michael Nash has created his own 'private nature reserve'

Geraldine Gardner

Geraldine Gardner


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Wildlife in Cold Ash garden, including snake and deer, caught on video

Michael Nash

MICHAEL Nash has created an area at the bottom of his garden in Cold Ash that is like his own 'private nature reserve'.

Mr Nash said: "We decided, five years ago, that we wanted to create a natural habitat at the bottom of our garden and let nature take over. 

"I put the pond in and bought some aquatic plants to go in it - I had no idea what would survive, but five years on they have thrived."

When the pond was first put in Mr Nash says the only other thing they added to it was about 20 water snails. "We now have thousands of them," he explained. "They keep the water fresh and clear."





The pond has since attracted all sorts of wildlife including dragonflies, frogs, crested newts, deer, an abundance of Cross Orbweaver spiders and more recently a grass snake.

"I first noticed the snake about three years ago," Mr Nash said.

"It is definitely the same snake that comes back each year as I recognise its markings. It comes to the pond and feeds off frogspawn, which is why there is a big lump in the middle of it in the video I took."

Mr Nash says his garden backs on to a neighbour who also has a wild area adjoining his, which means wildlife and habitation can flourish and he says he has noticed a lot more activity during lockdown.

"Nature is definitely coming out of the woods, so to speak," said Mr Nash. "We've particularly noticed a lot more hedgehog activity, which is great to see. We think there must be a family in the undergrowth somewhere because of the droppings on the lawn in the mornings.

Mr Nash, who works from home supplying air conditioning units, said: "I will quite often go down there and just watch - there is so much going on - it's a great thing for the grandchildren to enjoy too.

Mr Nash sent us some of the videos of the animals that have visited the garden, which we have put together here:

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