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Sainsbury's to sell Prime Hydration from Tuesday, February 21, including limited edition flavour Orange and Mango

Another supermarket is set to join the hype surrounding viral drink Prime when it begins selling bottles this week – including a new limited edition flavour.

Sainsbury's, like Asda and Aldi, is to become official stockist of Prime Hydration – the drink made famous by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI which has become a must-have among children and teens.

Sainsbury's is to start selling Prime Hydration
Sainsbury's is to start selling Prime Hydration

The retailer is expected to sell Prime's four famous and familiar flavours Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime and Ice Pop, which will go on sale for £2 a bottle.

But in an added draw for customers – shelves are also expected to be stocked with new drink KSI Limited Edition Orange and Mango.

This could make the supermarket one of the first stores in the UK to sell the latest flavour of the hit-drink, which is expected to cost 50p more for the special flavour at £2.50 for a 500ml bottle.

Aldi's decision to sell a limited range of the drink at the end of December led to queues outside branches and reports of some scuffles in the aisles as customers attempted to get their hands on the sought-after bottles.

There were long queues at Aldi in December
There were long queues at Aldi in December

Interest was so great in the drink – which regularly changes hands on the internet for far more than its recommended retail price – that the budget retailer was also forced to limit shoppers to picking up one bottle of each flavour per person while limited stocks remained available.

Prime's official website describes it as a 'naturally flavoured' beverage containing 10 per cent coconut water, antioxidants and electrolytes along with no added sugar.

While Prime Hydration contains no caffeine, a new range called Prime Energy is expected to hit supermarket shelves later this spring aimed at a more adult audience thanks to its extremely high caffeine content.

Sainsbury's will be limiting the amount of Prime customers can buy
Sainsbury's will be limiting the amount of Prime customers can buy

Sainsbury's is expected to begin selling Prime in most supermarket stores from Tuesday (February 21) while Twitter feed Prime Tracker is reporting that it could be Wednesday and Thursday before some branches receive their stock.

The retailer has confirmed customers will be limited to three bottles.

A spokesman added: "We know our customers actively seek the latest in product innovation. We are excited to be launching Prime Hydration products in store from Tuesday, February 21."

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