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Reading Crown Court: Woman allegedly raped by former Newbury man is "not credible or reliable", jurors told

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A WOMAN who claimed she was raped while being restrained is "simply not reliable or credible", jurors were told today (Thursday).

Perri John Braybrooke is said to have held both his alleged victim's wrists with one hand and put on a condom with the other, while she struggled and pleaded: "I don't want it," Reading Crown Court has heard.

But today Rebecca Erken-Bax, defending, poured scorn on the woman's evidence.

Crown Court (52503039)
Crown Court (52503039)

Twenty-five-year-old Mr Braybrooke, who used to live in Newbury and now lives in Lambourn at an undisclosed address, denies three counts of rape and a single charge of assault by beating.

Giving evidence from the witness box, he insisted that his alleged's victim's account was invented from start to finish.

At the start of the trial Mr Talbot-Hadley, prosecuting, described one occasion to the jury, saying that the woman, whose identity is protected, was sleeping when Mr Braybrooke began touching her intimately and trying to pull her tracksuit bottoms down.

She allegedly told him: "No, I don't want it."

Mr Talbot-Hadley added: "She was using both hands to try to hold on to her tracksuit bottoms and keep them up but the defendant managed to pull them down.

"Her underwear was also taken down; she kept trying to keep her legs together and he was trying to force them apart.

"She kept saying she didn't want it and kept trying to push him off."

Mr Braybrooke then raped her, leaving her crying on the bed, the court heard.

He later apologised and said it wouldn't happen again, jurors were told.

But it did – twice more, according to the prosecution.

Finally, the court heard, Mr Braybrooke assaulted her with his fingers but tried to pass it off as a joke.

The woman's father also gave evidence, telling jurors how he confronted the defendant after his daughter had complained of being raped shortly afterwards.

But Mr Braybrooke, who also uses the surname Boness, said both she and her father had invented the claims.

He suggested that they may have done so because he had betrayed a confidence concerning a sensitive incident that happened many months previously.

And he insisted: "These are fake allegations against me. This could ruin my life. It never happened. I would never, ever do that unless a woman said yes."

Ms Erken-Bax suggested the alleged victim had "embellished" her evidence by providing details from the witness box that were not in her original witness statement to police.

Pointing to apparent inconsistencies in the woman's evidence, she said: "This undermines her credibility. How can you find her account reliable?

"I say her whole account is unreliable. And there were inconsistencies between her and her father's evidence. She says she and Perri did not indulge in a play fight. Her father says they did. Which version is true?

"Logically, they can't both be true – I say this renders their evidence unreliable.

"Aspects of her account, quite frankly, sound very strange indeed."

Ms Erken-Bax reminded jurors the woman had told them Mr Braybrooke held both her wrists with one hand while he put on a condom with the other and then raped her, even though she had supposedly struggled against him.

She added: "I say this allegation simply isn't believable... it simply didn't happen. Her account doesn't add up. She is simply not reliable or credible."

Ms Erken-Bax went on: "And her father didn't tell her to call the police? That's a very strange reaction to hearing your daughter has just been raped."

She concluded: "This case is one person's word against another's. Perri doesn't need to prove anything. He doesn't need to prove why [the woman] might have made up these allegations."

The judge was due to begin summing up the evidence this afternoon before the jury retire to consider verdicts.

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