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Reading Magistrates' Court: Hungerford woman fined for trying to shame ex-partner

Social media messages included an intimate photograph

A WOMAN who tried to shame a former boyfriend on social media has ended up in court.

The 27-year-old from Hungerford allegedly wanted to teach him a lesson.

But among the messages she posted on his new girlfriend’s Facebook page was an intimate photograph and she was promptly arrested.

On Thursday, February 25, Jade Louise McLeod appeared in the dock at Reading Magistrates’ Court, where she admitted disclosing a private sexual photograph without the man’s consent.

Helen Gambrill, prosecuting, said: “Ms McLeod became aware he had a new partner and it seems she took issue with this.

“There were messages sent to the new partner and also a Facebook post from the defendant’s mother which he felt was aimed at him.

“[The victim] was told by friends and family about what had been posted.”

Among the posts made by Ms McLeod, who lives at Oakes Court, were messages the man had sent her when they were together.

However, said Ms Gambrill, also among the material sent to his new partner was the intimate photograph which led to the court case.

Adonis Daniel, defending, pointed out that his client had no previous convictions, cautions or reprimands of any kind and expressed surprise the matter had not been dealt with by way of a police caution.

He pointed out that it was Ms McLeod who had ended the relationship because she had become incensed at the way she felt she had been treated.

Mr Daniel added: “Among the posts she made were messages from [the victim] to her and to his other partners.

“She was saying ‘this is how he has treated his partners, including me, in the past’.”

He accused the victim of subjecting his client to “emotional, psychological and physical abuse” which had led Ms McLeod to gain a non molestation order against him which was “still in existence”.

Mr Daniel suggested the victim had not suffered any real distress as a result of Ms McLeod’s actions and claimed: “He made the complaint to get back at her – and that’s what has happened.”

However, he concluded by saying that Ms McLeod nevertheless had shown remorse for her actions and urged the court to impose a conditional discharge.

After retiring to confer, magistrates took a different course.

Ms McLeod was fined £200.

In addition, she was ordered to pay £85 costs, plus a statutory victim services surcharge of £34.

Ms Gambrill had invited the court to make Ms McLeod pay financial compensation to her victim, but magistrates declined, stating that they did not think that appropriate under the circumstances.

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