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KENNET SCHOOL TAKEOVER What makes us British?

By Hannah Pollard

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Hannah Pollard


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What makes us British?

By Hannah Pollard

Have you ever wondered what makes you British? I have. A lot. This is one of the most controversial topics of the moment, making people worry if they’re really that British.

So what really makes us British?

Some would argue that having residency and a British Passport would make you British to the core, whereas others would reason it is having roots from parts of the UK, even if you have moved to another country.  Royalists say that the Queen is an important emblem but others think we should get rid of the Queen and be a Republic. Some would say that our (not) beautiful weather is how we see the typical weather around us. People of other countries believe that we all stop at 4 o’clock for a cup of tea.

Maybe it’s the dishes that are traditional such as: Yorkshire pudding; fish and chips; scones; black pudding; strawberries and cream; Toad in the hole; Bubble and squeak and Victoria Sponge cake, as well as many more. It could be our heritage, our history and our well preserved monuments and castles. But it could also be our manners and our phrases; starting some sort request with sorry, for example.

Britishness could also be about the writers we enjoy and that have been born in Britain. Writers such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, JK Rowling, Lewis Carroll, Beatrix Potter, Shakespeare, Agatha Christie and Roald Dahl but to name a few. These writers have inspired and intrigued generations of readers.

But many believe that our values are what make us British. The first is mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs, meaning that whoever we are and whatever we believe, we will be respected and should not be abused or harmed. Sadly, this view is not always up held. The second is Democracy meaning that we can vote for our Government, and decide who runs the country to make it fair. The third is individual Liberty meaning that we can’t do whatever we want; we can just do what is right. The fourth is Rule of Law meaning that justice happens and those who have done wrong are dealt with appropriately. However, in our history there have been incidents of injustice and we should be mindful of these…

All in all Britishness is viewed in many different ways and it is very hard to define, but to me by following the values of our country and having a passport makes you British.

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