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Randy’s sets his sights on the Universe- at 55!

Body builder plans to take on competitors half his age

Malcolm Howe



Randy’s sets his sights on the Universe- at 55!

FORMER Mr Universe challenger and World Championship bronze medalist Ramsford ‘Randy’ Smith is preparing to throw his body back into the competition arena - at the age of 55!

A World Championship contender more than 30 years ago and regularly placed in the Mr Universe contest, the Woolton Hill-based Newbury powerhouse and fitness and health guru is hosing himself down to take on competitors less than half his age, with the intention of proving that age is no barrier to health and fitness.

“I’m a lot wiser now and lot more knowledgable and know things I didn’t many years ago,” he said. .

“I stopped body building some time ago, but I’m making my return now,” he said.

“The reason is because a lot of guys have chosen the route in regards to health and fitness and and I want to prove that they are important, so I’m going to compete against guys miles younger than me and make a dent in what they do.”

Smith has kept himself healthy over the years and is back at work with the aim of returning to the competitive arena in October.

“I’ve stayed away from the bad things,” he said, “I’ve always been very conscious of health and stay within the line. I have three kids now.

“The difference is I’m 55 now but people who don’t know me think I’m about 32.

“My body feels powerful like it wants me to come back in a big way and I’ve spent the last eight months working to a level where I can start properly training for competition.

“I’m aiming to compete in October in the Mr England competition, which will be my first. I don’t expect to do to much there, but it will give me a chance to go in and see exactly where I am in the pecking order.

“I am giving it three years on the circuit because generations have changed and competition has changed. But I plan to go on to the Mr Britain, Europe, World and Universe again, in different age categories now.

“People will think it’s impossible for me to come back, but I know it’s possible because I’m not burned out. I’m older, but I’m not colder.”

Smith’s ambition is being backed by Chris Griffiths at Thatcham’s Advantage Fitness, and he has installed the equipment Smith needs to boost his chances.

“He asked us and we were more than happy to help, it’s what we do and we’ve got the skill sets to and it’s nice to be able to open them up to certain people.

“It’s a compliment for him to come here, and there is a whole flock of people whose entire life and livelihood are driven by the gym and to be selected is the highlight of what we are able to do.”

Smith’s age is no boundary to his competive nature, and Advantage Fitness believe that is not a barrier to many. Personal trainer Sarah Pickering explained: “We have a growing number of people from 55 and well into their 60s who are keen to gtransform their bodies, and nobody is too old to get themselves fitter and healthier with the right help.”

For Randy Smith, that even involves putting on weight, but the right ‘clean’ weight. His typcial weekly diet includes 63 eggs; six free range chickens; six pounds green vegetables; 15 pounds fresh fruit; five litres soya milk; 20 pounds potatoes; five pounds pasta; 10 pounds pulses and 30 pounds root vegetables.

“I’m 14 stone 5 now, but in the next four or five weeks I intend to put on as much size as possible through more protein, keep the fat down and put on more muscle

“Eventually I shall go in and compete at 15 and a half or 16 stone.”

Smith has always been utterly opposed to the use of body-enhancing drugs and insists that there is no need for anybody to take those. “Supplements are far more sophisticated today than I ever thought possible,” he said.

“Science has caught up with the body and now there is real cutting-edge stuff that really works, and I’ve become quite knowledgable about those.

Now I’m going to go out there and cause some serious damage on the competition scene.”

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