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Stevens and Soanes earn victories for Thames Valley boxing

There were a number of matches involving boxers from the Thames Valley Boxing Club

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Liam Headd


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Stevens and Soanes earn victories for Thames Valley boxing

ASHTON Duncan and Robert Ruggiero both had skills bouts.

Duncan boxed Blake Pierce from Banbury ABC and Ruggiero boxed Tom Jones from Mikey’s ABC.

This was the first experience for both boys and they boxed extremely well.

The first competitive bout for Thames Valley ABC was Harvey Stevens vs Louis Wilson from Mikeys ABC which finished with a majority points win for Stevens.

Stevens threw straight combinations to keep his opponent at bay but tired in the 3rd to make the result closer than Coach Cooke would have liked however it was an already solid performance. 

Ivan Beynon and Leon Fell both lost to their opponents on a split decision.

Benyon boxed the very tall Awais Nisar from OMAA ABC and unfortunately although he boxed tirelessly couldn't quite get his range to inflict significant scoring blows.

Fell boxed Nathan Morrison from High Wycombe ABC and although Fell had won the week previously he again boxed excellently in the 1st however he let his opponent force the fight in the 2nd and 3rd.

Coach Cooke was very pleased with both performances. 

The last Thames Valley boxer of the show was Tom Soanes who boxed Javier Molina from Basingstoke ABC.

Soanes was dominate throughout the 1st with his straight punching and left hand corkscrew that caught his opponent a number of times.

The 2nd was a repeat of the first however Molina did begin to swing wildly however Soanes stayed composed and kept his boxing neat and tidy.

By the 3rd round both boxers were exhausted and the fight became a little untidy.

Soanes however came out on top winning on a well-deserved split decision. 

Junior Cadet Championship

Thames Valley boxer Marcus Smewing had a hard fought skills bout against Harvie James from The Ring. 

Archie Jury 36kg boxed Joseph Green from The Ring and lost unanimously due to his lack of work rate in-between phases. 

Jack Tomlinson 46kg boxed Brian McDonagh from The Ring.

Tomlinson having to box at a heavier weight conceded a significant amount of height.

Tomlinson wasn't overwhelmed by this and took the fight to his opponent and forced him back on a numerous of occasions.

By the 3rd round McDonagh had realised he needed to keep Tomlinson at bay by using his reach and footwork.

Tomlinson subsequently lost on a split decision although his efforts warranted more.

There were a couple of boxers who lost their bouts due to illness however the coaches would like to congratulate all boxers for their hard work and determination both in training and during their contests. 


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