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Former Newbury MP spots swarm of bees on Englefield gravestone

THIS was the sight that greeted people as they walked to church in Englefield last weekend.

On Sunday morning, former Newbury MP Richard Benyon posted a photo on Twitter of bees swarming a gravestone in St Mark's churchyard.

Lord Benyon stated that the pictured hive returns to this spot on a regular basis, although it is late this year, with swarm season usually running between May and June.

He said of his find: "I was going to church at Englefield, and we saw this swarm.

"I rang a local beekeeper and she said they swarmed because they were hungry.

"She tried to come and put them in a hive, but they were gone.

"We have bees in the church every year, it's a favourite place for them, and no-one seems to mind them - except when they swarm in the middle of a service, which can be quite dramatic!"

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