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Council hoping to defuse parking issue between Thatcham residents and SSE

Utility company's employees' vehicles parked in local roads make them dangerous to drive down

Council hoping to defuse parking issue between Thatcham residents and SSE

WEST Berkshire Council is looking to tackle irresponsible parking by SSE employees, but residents feel the situation won’t improve.

Residents have said they have been suffering with SSE employees parking in residential roads, notably Falmouth Way, Boscawen Way and Cropper Close.

The company has an arrangement to use Thatcham Football Club as an overflow car park for its Pipers Way facility, but residents say that SSE vehicles park on both sides of residential roads, up on pavements, on corners and across driveways.

They added that Falmouth Way had become difficult and dangerous to drive down because of vehicles obstructing the road, leading to traffic cones being placed in the road.

West Berkshire Council said that proposals to paint single yellow lines on Falmouth Way would be advertised soon, adding it hopes this would prevent daytime parking and allow the cones to be removed on the busy bus route.

But it added: “Should significant numbers of vehicles displace into the side roads, additional parking restrictions may be considered in the future. However, that may prevent residents’ visitors from being able to park so would only be introduced if this had overwhelming support from residents.” 

Boscawen Way resident Laura Adamson said that she couldn’t see the situation improving anytime soon.

Mrs Adamson said that she would support parking restrictions but felt that other residents would not sign up as it was only a few who experienced the problems.

“I just feel that the responsibility still lies with SSE,” she said.

“Their overflow parking is too far away and people are very unlikely to use it.

“So many companies have this issue but are responsible enough to arrange shuttle buses etc.

“Unfortunately SSE simply say they ask employees to park in a considerate manner but they can’t stop them parking in residential streets.”

Resident Malcolm Langford described the current situation as abysmal and feared that someone would be hurt if the problems continued.

He said: “I would have thought that with the amount of money they are making they could resolve the parking issue themselves. No expense is going to cover the death of somebody.” 

Mr Langford added that he didn’t think it would bother anybody if parking restrictions were imposed in Falmouth Way.

A spokesperson for SSE said: “We are aware of residents’ concerns and continue to remind employees of the additional parking arrangements that we have secured at the local football club to alleviate this issue.

“In addition to this unique arrangement with the local football club we offer incentives to car share, use public transport and cycle to reduce the volume of vehicles at this site.”

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Article comments

  • Traceychapman


    06/04/2016 - 19:07

    surely you should ask the question 'why are these people parking here?' The answer is simple. SSE don't supply enough parking spaces. It must be infuriating. However, as long as the sun rises in the morning, and there are no yellow lines down your roads, people will continue to park there. May I safest 2 possible solutions. 1. Get a job. Leave the house and stop sticking notes on my car. 2. Move house


    • hgv1driver


      18/07/2016 - 22:10

      Your too lazy to park at the football club and walk end of


    • Mairi

      18/07/2016 - 19:07

      Tracey Chapman. Stop causing an obstruction and justifying it by insulting people.


  • hgv1driver


    15/03/2016 - 22:10

    Sse should never have moved into Thatcham, we never had this problem when Sony was there, I have been living near this building for over 20 years and recently it has been getting worse, the parking is dreadful, all because they can not be bothered to park at football ground, that is the thing with businesses they do not look at the whole picture with parking would you want the cars parked in your road?


  • maffy

    15/03/2016 - 09:09

    I work for a company with in Berkshire drive and every other day we struggle to park within our own parking spaces, today we have moved on 2 cars and still have 4 cars within our spaces, we have contacted the office at Thatcham again and asked for the cars to be moved, this is a regular occurrence. Matthew Haines Technical Services.