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Caught on camera: Modified cars doing donuts in Newbury car park – see video

Dozens of youths are revving their modified cars and doing donuts in Newbury’s Market Street multi-story car park.

The late night revelry has prompted complaints to the council which now says it will step up patrols to prevent it.

But the council has also faced criticism for its slow response to the complaints.

“Gangs of around 50 people with cars are joy riding up and down the car park ramps, revving their engines as high as they can with their modified exhaust pipes, deliberate multiple back-firing, skidding and burning rubber enough to produce clouds of smoke, blaring car horns etc,” said local resident Barnaby Wheeler.

PHOTO: 560 WGAN NEWSRADIO (63541394)
PHOTO: 560 WGAN NEWSRADIO (63541394)

He said the crowds weren’t violent, but said the atmosphere was intimidating, saying the car park should be shut at night with security shutters blocking the entrance and exit.

He said he reported the incidents in April, but the police did not attend, adding that it was so noisy they couldn't sleep even with windows closed.

“This has happened at least twice before, obviously an organised gathering,” he said.

“We complained before to police, West Berkshire Council, the developer Grainger and their contractor Engie.”

The council acknowledged receipt of the complaint saying: “We have been in touch with the complainant to provide an update. We are working with the police to ensure the locations are patrolled more often.”

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