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'Where is Doctor Clarkson from Downton Abbey?' asks Lady Carnarvon after being turned away from a Newbury hospital

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Chatelaine of Highclere Castle Lady Carnarvon was told she could not be treated at Newbury and West Berkshire Hospital because she hadn't 'walked into a lamppost'.

In a video posted from outside West Berkshire Community Hospital to nearly 400,000 followers on Highclere Castle's Instagram page, Lady Carnarvon said: "So, as you can see I've got a bad eye. The doctors don't have time to see me and then I come to a minor injury unit at a hospital and I've been turned away from there."

Speaking to Newburytoday, Lady Carnarvon said: "When I went to West Berkshire hospital I was asked if I had walked into a lamppost and when I said no I was turned away."

Lady Carnarvon outside West Berkshire Hospital
Lady Carnarvon outside West Berkshire Hospital

Lady Carnarvon said she is a huge fan of the NHS and felt sorry that in these post-Covid times getting seen by a doctor or in the hospital seemed so difficult.

She said: "Many people feel so low and it's worrying if they can't get help."

She said the infection in her eye had gradually been getting worse over the last couple of days and she was concerned that if left too long it could become quite serious.

"You know what they say, a stitch in time saves nine. If these minor ailments can be nipped in the bud, then it saves the NHS a lot more work further down the line."

Talking about her Instagram post, she said: "I don't normally post personal things like that, but I was so surprised by the 'lamppost comment' that I just felt the need to say something."

Since posting the video this morning (Friday), it has been viewed nearly 100,000 times, with many people offering advice.

Lady Carnarvon said: "People have been so terribly kind about my predicament, it sort of cheers you up. Somebody suggested I try an optician, but they said I should go to a minor injuries unit... so it felt a bit like going round in circles."

While we were talking, Lady Carnarvon received a call back from her doctor's surgery – Eastfield House, Newbury – which was able to speak to her and sort something out.

She said: "I have been with the surgery for years and they have always been most helpful. We really are generally very lucky to have the NHS – it was just that strange moment at the hospital."

At the bottom of her Instagram post she quipped: "Where is Doctor Clarkson from Downton Abbey I ask myself?"

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