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What is Axate and why are we introducing it?

newburytoday charging a small fee for some stories

newburytoday is now charging a small fee for some premium articles.

It’s an important step that we hope you will see as an investment in newburytoday and the Newbury Weekly News, one that will strengthen our ability to continue to provide high-quality journalism to readers across our area on any platform.

The Newbury Weekly News is independent and believes passionately in supporting our community and holding those in power to account. We want to continue serving you for many years to come.

However, it is no secret that the journalism industry faces serious challenges.

Many of our traditional sources of income have shrunk dramatically in recent years, with the likes of Google and Facebook hoovering up most of the advertising revenue while spending little on journalism.

Our website allows us to reach more people than ever before, but the simple truth is, giving our stories away for free online is no longer a sustainable business model.

We know many people have become accustomed to receiving news online for free, but our journalism costs money to produce.

That is why we are now asking you to pay a small fee – 20p – to read some of our premium articles, while most of our stories will remain free to read.

We have introduced a secure system called Axate, which allows you to top up your virtual wallet to read those selected articles.

After you have paid for one article, all of our content will be free to read for the day.

You can also use your wallet to read articles on other participating websites, including the Maidenhead Advertiser, Windsor and Eton Express, Slough Express and The Cricketer.

Most of our articles, including breaking news and crime updates, are still be free to read.

We know this move will not be popular with everyone and that some people will not be prepared to pay.

However, those who do will know they are helping to support the future of independent journalism in West Berkshire.

Click Axate FAQs to read the Axate frequently asked questions.

Andy Murrill

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