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When do you think this picture of Newbury Bus Station was taken?

Do you know when this picture of Newbury Bus Station was taken?

The Newbury Weekly News published it on its local history page in March, stating the following: "This week’s picture is of Newbury Bus Station back in 1968. In those days, the station was on the corner of Bartholomew Street and Market Street, now the Kennet Shopping centre car park."

We then had a letter from JE Turner of Thatcham, saying: "I enjoy perusing old photos of West Berkshire, particularly those of
buildings or structures which have since been demolished or differ from their contemporary appearance.

"The picture described as Newbury Bus Station in 1968, on page 30 of the March 15 edition, caught my eye immediately, as my first impression was that I was looking at a picture of the bus station in 1978 or thereabouts.

"I spoke to a few people who had lived and worked in the area at the time, and the unanimous memory impression was that the bus station was in the Wharf right up to the 1970s.

"One person who worked in the Wharf Café in the early 70s is sure the buses were there then.

"Of course, it’s possible that with the closure of the cattle market in 1968 the bus station was moved there to take advantage of the newly available space and bring it nearer to the railway station.

"If this were the case though, it would have been an amazing makeover from the cattle market of a few months earlier, with its stalls and paraphernalia, to what we see in the picture.

"In the background there are public shelters which look well-established. And after all this, why would they move the station back again after only a year or two?

"Finally, the buses and cars look more 70es, especially the single deckers, which I believe were not introduced until that decade.

"The picture is a tantalising puzzle, and I welcome input from readers, and would be delighted to be proven right or wrong, either way."

The NWN has since had letters from two readers, one suggesting the picture was taken between 1980 and 1985.

Let us know when you think this photo was taken by using the comment facility below.

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