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Woman tells of shock as Alan Waters forced his way into Thatcham ladies’ toilets

A MAN forced his way into a woman’s public toilet cubicle and made “disgusting” sexual remarks.

Outside nearby was a group of schoolgirls and, because of what he said, the victim feared he was a paedophile, Reading magistrates heard.

The Broadway public toilets
The Broadway public toilets

In the dock on Wednesday, February 7, was 48-year-old Alan Waters of Southend, Cold Ash.

The court heard the victim, Caroline Rampton, had gone into the ladies’ toilets in the Broadway, Thatcham, and Mr Waters had pushed his way into the cubicle with her before she could lock the door.

She told magistrates Mr Waters then told her: “I’m looking for fresh p****, not granny p****.”

Ms Rampton pushed past him and fled outside.

She told the court: “I was shocked... but I was more concerned because there were little girls outside.

“I’m not saying he’s a paedophile – but it sounded like it.”

Ms Rampton said the incident left her shocked and shaken and nervous about using public toilets in future.

Police were called and Ms Rampton said she saw Mr Waters moments later, this time wearing a different coloured cap to the one he had been wearing.

Wahab Mohammad, prosecuting, said Mr Waters cycled away before he could be arrested.

When police later called at his home, he tried to flee and officers had to deploy a taser to subdue him, said Mr Mohammad.

In interview, Mr Waters said: “Nah, it wasn’t me – there was another guy, maybe he did it.

“I was talking to the kids; I’ve been arrested for no reason.”

Mr Waters denied using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress on April 2 last year.

Adonis Daniel, defending, said he would not be calling his client to give evidence on his own behalf and added: “The defence rests at this point.”

Summing up the prosecution case, Mr Mohammad said Mr Waters had declined to give evidence because he would have had to account for his actions.

He reminded the court that Mr Waters had fled and had to be tasered when police arrived at his home.

He went on: “And it’s bizarre that a man of Mr Waters’ age was standing outside the toilets for 60 minutes.

“That, in itself, is unexplainable.

“You don’t have to join the dots in this case – everything is clear, right in front of you.”

Mr Daniel said: “Ms Rampton didn’t say Mr Waters is aggressive or behaving in a manner that suggested he was going to do something; he doesn’t follow her.

“While his comments may be offensive, you can be offensive without necessarily causing distress.

“The children weren’t likely to have heard his comments.”

Magistrates retired to confer but took less than 10 minutes to convict Mr Waters of the single offence.

It transpired that he has 67 previous convictions for offences including public disorder and assault.

Mr Waters was fined £100.

In addition, he was ordered to pay £300 costs.

Finally, Mr Waters was ordered to pay Ms Rampton £100 in compensation in lieu of an otherwise statutory victim services surcharge.

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