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How much money should the council give Citizens Advice West Berkshire?

Do you think West Berkshire Council is right to consider cutting the charity's funding?

Andy Murrill

Andy Murrill


01635 886625

Maintain the current annual grant of £120,000

Go ahead with the proposed cut to £40,000

Cut the grant to, say, £80,000

Scrap the grant completely

Increase the grant to Citizens Advice to more than £120,000

I don't know

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Article comments

  • SimonKirby


    19/01/2018 - 15:03

    Andy Murrill, I feel like I pay enough tax already, so yes, I want the CAB to be supported with public money because they do a fantastic job supporting people who have nowhere else to turn, but how are we even talking about cutting essential West Berkshire Council services like the CAB when Newbury Town Council is frittering £1,000,000 of parish precept on a ceremonial Mayoralty and so much other pointless niff-naff. There's an easy £500,000 to be saved by down-sizing the town council and I'd really rather see that before I'm asked to pay more in tax or any more essential public services go to the wall. So how about asking whether the Newbury parishioners would prefer their tax spent dressing up the chaiman of the parish council in a fox-furred robe and tri-corn hat, or whether they'd prefer public money spending on actual public services.