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POLL: Do you think schools will fully reopen in September?

Do you believe all children will go back to school in two months time?

POLL: Do you think schools will fully reopen in September?



I don't know

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  • CommonHungerforder

    04/07/2020 - 16:22

    When this first kicked off, I immediately did a three week course on SAR-COV-2. Told two my children, you are not going back to school this year. Not my rule, just it would be imposed. Got laughed at in March, but not as funny now when it is real. Well the world has gone madder since then, but September? Not a blooming chance will ALL schools fully open in September. Too many reasons to list for schools not fully opening, but as of today, a pub can choose to open (doesn't have to), but not a gym. I did suggest test the whole of the population of Thatcham for either having it, or with blood test for antibodies as it would be useful for mathematical modelling. Seems somebody may have chosen Norwich for the test much later. Schools do not have the distancing measures, just because not even a restaurant does. People expected to sit close. *So this is not going away until there is a vaccine.* We have to just live with no vaccine, and social distancing. Schools fully open? NO.