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Of course you can find us online at www.newburytoday.co.uk, or you can contact newburytoday’s on-line journalists with your news and views. Also give us a call if you have updates for our community guide, pubs and clubs, days out, festivals and events or restaurant listings.


email: newsdesk@newburynews.co.uk
telephone: (01635) 886632


Postal address: Newspaper House, Faraday Road, Newbury, RG14 2DW


General Enquiries – 01635 524111


To join our commercial listings or advertise on the Newburytoday website, or for advertising enquiries regarding the Newbury Weekly News, contact:

Andrew Harding
email: andrew.harding@newburynews.co.uk
telephone: 01635 886643

For general enquiries contact:

Lisa Francis
email: lisa.francis@newburynews.co.uk
telephone: 01635 886672


Full Newbury Weekly News Contacts


Chairman: Jeremy Willis Chief Executive: James Gurney
telephone: (01635) 886659 telephone: (01635) 886702
fax: (01635) 551917 email: james.gurney@newburynews.co.uk
Financial director/Company Secretary: Terry Hillman Group Editor: Andy Murrill
telephone: (01635) 886650 telephone: (01635) 886625
email: terry.hillman@newburynews.co.uk email: editor@newburynews.co.uk
Head of Sales: Andrew Harding Head of IT & Digital: Steve Ambrose
telephone: (01635) 886643 telephone: (01635) 886648
mobile: 07972 931604 mobile: 07500 090960
email: email: steve.ambrose@newburynews.co.uk
Head of Print: James Harris Financial Controller: Mia Horn
telephone: 07775 956012 telephone: (01635) 564508
email: james.harris@newburynews.co.uk fax: (01635) 886608
  email: mia.horn@newburynews.co.uk, or accounts@newburynews.co.uk
Production Manager: Paul Woodley  
telephone: (01635) 886616  
email: paul.woodley@newburynews.co.uk  


telephone: (01635) 886632
email: newsdesk@newburynews.co.uk or business@newburynews.co.uk or sport@newburynews.co.uk


Production general
telephone:(01635) 886667
email: production@newburynews.co.uk


Advertising contacts


National Sales

telephone: 020 7832 1638

email: jrobinson@1xl.co.uk

telephone: 020 7583 2100

email: jrobinson@mediaforce.co.uk

Motoring team
telephone: (01635) 524111
email: motors@newburynews.co.uk


Recruitment team
telephone: (01635) 524111
email: recruitment@newburynews.co.uk


Features team
telephone: (01635) 524111
email: features@newburynews.co.uk


Trades team
telephone: (01635) 550444
email: trades@newburynews.co.uk


ROP team
telephone: (01635) 524111


Newbury Business Today – Andrew Harding
telephone: (01635) 886643
email: andrew.harding@newburynews.co.uk


Out & About – Abigail Reddin

telephone: (01635) 886612

email: abigail.reddin@newburynews.co.uk


Family Announcements


telephone: (01635) 886703
email: notices@newburynews.co.uk


Free Ads – Reception
telephone: (01635) 524111
email: items@newburynews.co.uk


Office Manager – Lisa Francis
telephone: (01635) 524111
email: lisa.francis@newburynews.co.uk


The Newbury Weekly News occupies a unique position in the community of West Berkshire, where it has been the dominant local newspaper for 145 years. Unlike the majority of provincial titles founded in the second half of the nineteenth century, the Newbury Weekly News has remained family owned, independent and successful. In the first editorial in 1867 the founding editor, T. W. Turner proclaimed that: “It will be our endeavour to refrain from advocating the views of any party or sect, but rather give an opportunity for all sides to be heard, without ourselves being committed to any.”


Each week, the Newbury Weekly News features hundreds of articles generated over an area of nearly 300 square miles with a population of around 150,000. Local authority decisions, court and crime reports, industrial and commercial news, sport, school activities, village news, traffic incidents, arts reviews, society meetings, … the subjects are legion. The stories are gathered by a newsroom staff of 25, supported by a network of loyal village correspondents upon which the paper has depended for rural news since its inception.


Newsroom Contacts


Group Editor: Andy Murrill
telephone: (01635) 886625
fax: 01635 522922
email: editor@newburynews.co.uk


News Editor: Dan Cooper
telephone: (01635) 886632
email: dan.cooper@newburynews.co.uk

Sports Editor: Malcolm Howe
telephone: (01635) 886629
email: malcolm.howe@newburynews.co.uk


Out & About Production Editor: Geraldine Gardner
telephone:01635 886684
email geraldine.gardner@newburynews.co.uk


Chief Reporter/Hungerford and Lambourn reporter: John Garvey
telephone: (01635) 886628
email: john.garvey@newburynews.co.uk


Arts Editor: Trish Lee
telephone: (01635) 886663
email: trish.lee@newburynews.co.uk


Thatcham reporter/Audience Engagement Editor: John Herring
telephone: (01635) 886633
email: john.herring@newburynews.co.uk


Hampshire reporter: Charlotte Booth
telephone: (01635) 886637
email: charlotte.booth@newburynews.co.uk


Contract printing


The printing press at the Newbury Weekly News headquarters is a single width, double plate round web offset Goss Universal 70 press capable of printing up to 96 tabloid pages in one pass with colour on every page.
Page reception is by electronic means with a fully automatic Agfa computer-to-plate installation.
The press can print up to 48 tabloid pages in straight mode at up to 70,000 copies per hour, or more than 48 tabloid pages in collect mode up to 30,000 copies per hour.


Facilities are available post-press to collate and insert products at a speed of 25,000 copies per hour. For contract newspaper printing inquiries, please contact:


Paul Woodley

telephone: (01635) 886616

email: paul.woodley@newburynews.co.uk


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