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Eight-year-old motorsports star Mason is aiming for the top as he prepares to step up in age and class in upcoming AC40 Pro FAB Championship

Mason Fedrick is not your average eight-year-old. In fact, he’s extraordinary; out of this world even.

On the weekends, Mason swaps school books for speed-bikes; he came second in the FAB AC 40 Rookies Championship and is hoping to go one better when he steps up in age and class in the new season, beginning in April.

Mason - possessed of a broad, beaming smile and roguish charm - has dreams of making it right to the top, even if he recently discovered that a career as a professional motorsports star doesn’t necessarily guarantee loads of girlfriends when speaking on stage with former British champion and Isle of Man TT winner Steve Plater.

Mason Fedrick is hoping to build on a successful season – and is dreaming of reaching the very top. Pictures by Dave Baldwin Photography
Mason Fedrick is hoping to build on a successful season – and is dreaming of reaching the very top. Pictures by Dave Baldwin Photography

And Mason has made an impressive start in pursuit of his dreams of becoming the next Steve Plater; his 2023 highlights included 25 podium finishes, 10 race wins and setting a new lap record at the Three Sisters track.

Upon meeting Mason it’s clear he lives and breathes motorsport. His father is also passionate about bikes and, when he isn’t busy as part of Mason’s support team, races competitively himself.

It’s hard to express in words quite how impressive watching Mason in action is. For a young man to be so fearless and to race at such speeds is quite something; best of all, when the visor comes up, he always has a smile on his face.

Mason went within a transponder-related mishap of winning last year’s championship and admitted it was a memorable campaign for the fledgling star.

“It was hard work but we did it,” he said.

“I enjoyed having fun with my friends in the paddock and, of course, winning.”

Racing requires more than just fearlessness. To succeed, riders have to be in tune with the track, make split-second decisions and be able to out-think their opponents.

Mason said: “When I’m on the grid at the beginning of the race it’s quite nerve-wracking to sit there waiting to start.

“It’s all worth it because I love it. When I start racing, all the nerves go away.”

In April, Mason will begin competing in the AC40 Pro FAB Championship; the bikes will be faster and the stakes even higher.

In the past, FAB has acted as a springboard for up-and-coming riders to progress into the world of British superbikes and, for an extremely select few, to world level and even Moto GP.

If Mason can shine, then his dreams could edge one step closer - and shine is exactly what he intends to do, even if he’ll be the youngest rider on the grid.

“I’m hoping to win the championship,” he said.

“I’m going to practice a lot, race hard and hope for a bit of good luck.”

Mason trains morning, noon and night and has been working hard at the Sarah Harris Race School. He can count on the unwavering support of his mum, dad and sister as well as his friends in and out of the paddock.

Training and competing requires a huge logistical effort; the long hours spent in the car or catching up on schoolwork might not be the most glamorous side of Mason’s life, but that doesn’t make them less important.

In some ways, the commitment and dedication of Mason and his inner circle only adds to the pressure to succeed. Not that that’s going to phase the fair-haired starlet, who has a clear plan to take him to gold this time around. He’s also making sure his dad won’t be allowed to forget an error with the transponder on his bike that cost him points last year.

He said: “We need to make sure we’ve got the right transponder on!”

“We’ve got to focus and have fun. A happy rider is a fast rider.”

Mason, who has been riding since he was three, has made a lot of friends in the paddock. While he’ll never lose his competitive edge, he insists the paddock put rivalries aside the minute they’re out of their saddles.

“The main thing is to enjoy the entire experience,” he said.

“I want to compete and win and, one day, get to the top - but I’ll always have fun.

“You’ve got to be aggressive on the track but, off it, be friends with everyone.”

Mason, who attends Winchcombe School – who have been extremely supportive of his journey – has big ambitions to match his big, effervescent character; the biggest of all is to ride a Ducati in the Moto GP.

To help him get there, Mason is always on the lookout for sponsorship and support. His parents take time out of work to help him travel and compete and it goes without saying that motorbikes are expensive to run and maintain.

Sponsors can have their company or business advertised on Mason’s bike, leathers and helmet; with all of his races shown live on YouTube, it's a fantastic chance for exposure. Mason’s stylish gear has been sponsored by local business Inks Personalised.

Most of all, it’s a chance to help a young lad chase his dreams - and it means the world to Mason.

He said: “It feels like it helps me win races.

“It’s so important and I can’t believe that there are people out there that help me.

“I love wearing the sponsors’ logos. It makes me really proud.”

Mason, who has developed a more nuanced understanding of racing in the last couple of years, will travel to Spain in March for pre-season before competing across the country in the upcoming championship.

With qualifying, racing and even the rigamarole of schoolwork in between, Mason and the rest of the paddock have to really love what they’re doing.

So, what is it about the sport Mason loves most?

“Winning!” he said.

“It is hard but it’s so exciting - it’s just a shame about the schoolwork.

“I love what I’m doing and I just can’t wait for next season. I think it’s going to be an exciting one.”

Anyone interested in sponsoring Mason and following his journey can email Masonfedrick5@yahoo.com, call 07584034054 or visit his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MA5ONRACING/?locale=en_GB

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