Pokémon Go hits Newbury

Gotta catch 'em all!

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John Herring


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Pokémon Go hits Newbury

WORLDWIDE phenomenon Pokémon Go launched in the UK today and people in West Berkshire have already set out to catch 'em all.

The mobile game sees people become Pokémon trainers who set off to catch creatures from the 1990s fantasy games, trading cards and cartoon.

The augmented reality game uses mobile data and a smartphone camera to create a live view of the world.

NewburyToday took a walk around Newbury at lunchtime to see what Pokémon we could catch; and we didn't have to go far before encountering other trainers following their smartphones. 

The game turns real-life locations into pokestops, where you can pick up items, and gyms where you can battle other Pokémon.  

The Newbury Weekly News office had become a gym guarded by a Hypno


We then caught a Magikarp in the Kennet and Avon Canal

Before heading to Northbrook Street and encountering a Spearow 

Our intrepid photographer Phil Cannings then took on a Pidgeotto in Victoria Park; catching it after several attempts.

Send us your pictures of Pokémon Go from around West Berkshire by emailing john.herring@newburynews.co.uk 

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Article comments

  • rooter37

    15/07/2016 - 10:10

    This has the potential to be a whole load of trouble. Already in the US there are reports of people using the game to lure people to areas and then stealing their phones. just wait till the unscrupulous get hold of it.. My kids are certainly not having the game.


    • Grant

      16/07/2016 - 23:11

      Thanks for sharing.


  • NewburyDenizen

    14/07/2016 - 17:05

    meh... it's ingress with a skin on it. I got bored and uninstalled yesterday as there's nothing outside the shopping centre worth looking at it for, just like ingress.



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