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Elstree School Nursery and Pre-Prep

ELSTREE is an award- winning day and boarding school for boys and girls aged three to 13, less than 10 miles from Newbury.

Elstree Nursery and Pre- Prep provides a stimulating environment for children aged three to seven and now caters for 85 girls and boys.

Separate from the main school, but within the same 150-acre idyllic grounds of Elstree, the Pre-Prep is made up of four year groups – Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Girls and boys can begin their journey in Nursery and smoothly transition through Pre-Prep to Prep until the end of Year 8.

We aim for the children to leave Elstree Pre-Prep inspired and enthused. We want their first encounters of learning to be full of excitement and joy, framing their approach to education for the years ahead.

As this is often a child’s first experience of education, the transition from home to school is supported with home visits and taster days. This warm and homely approach is based upon the family principles of Elstree School.

Children have access to bright, airy classrooms, dedicated learning areas, outdoor play spaces and a designated woodland. Supported by a team of energetic, enthusiastic and experienced teachers, every child is valued as an individual and encouraged to explore and develop their talents to the full.

From Nursery, children are encouraged to adopt a love of learning and a natural curiosity at their own pace. Every week on ‘Woodland Wednesdays’, the Early Years children get the chance to do exciting activities such as mini-beast hunting, den building, foraging harvest fruits, or willow tree weaving.

Sport, French, music and drama are also thriving at Elstree Pre-Prep and taught by specialist teachers.

Parents, grandparents and carers are welcome to join our Elstree Pre-Prep Toddler Groups, which involve an array of fun play and learning activities for pre-school children held throughout the term.

To book your space, or to organise an individual visit to see the school, email registrar@elstreeschool.org.uk or call 0118 971 3302.

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